Ancient legends tell us of a mystical place, the one we visit when we sleep. It is hidden between the past and the future, between life and death, underneath the veil of night, beyond every sunset. It is the home of every creatures dreams, a road crossing between those who live, those who have lived and those who yet have not seen the light of day. It is a mirror of the world we know, yet different and difficult to grasp, for it lives by the laws of its own. In every creatures eyes it is different, for the dreams of they who fall asleep derive from their deepest wishes, desires and fears And what you bring in through its entrance, the gates of ivory and horn, will come back to you in shapes yet unseen.

Once upon a time... Or rather at three points in time, in three different places, three people approached the trail of dreams. Each of them made a wish before going to sleep. When they woke up, they found themselves inside one same dream. Locked up and lost inside the mysterious world of dreams, their only way home lies across the valleys and rivers of Hades, and the key to their liberation is for their wishes to come true. The knowledge they beseech and the challenges that await them are about to change their lives forever. That is if such lives indeed exist. Or was that merely a dream as well?